Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Work Stuffs.

so check it, my station at work has two dishes. usally one foul of some sort, the other, usually game. right now i have chicken and lamb. here my lamb dish, honestly this is kinda sloppy cuz i pulled it back down from the window real quick to get a quick picture, it needs a good wipe job on the plate and the jelly didnt have a doily underneith it yet so it slid out to the corner. but here it is.

Minted Apple Compote, Pea Tendrils, Roasted Root Vegetables, Aspirations 

and then for shits and gigs, i present to you, the largest Rhubarb IN ALL THE LAAAAAAND!!!!  shit was longer than my arm, son!

Las Cuatro Milpas

there it is. the spread. my personal favorite. las cuatro milpas. DOWN IN THE BARRIO BIIIIIITCH!!! ask any chef in the downtown area wheres the best mexican food, most likely you will get a response such as this. located on cesar chavez parkway, right near the sick ass handball courts, there it is. open monday through saturday from 9-3. only. no sunday, no dinner. depending on what time you go there, there will be a line of 20-40 people waiting halfway down the block. but dont fret, its fairly quick. due to the fact that it is cafeteria style, and there not really many options to choose from. you walk in, grab a tray and 4-6 old ass mexican ladies are right there waiting to serve you beans, rice, chorizo, tamales, tacos, rolled tacos, and burritos straight from the stove tops. yo can get pork or chicken. i think theres carne, ive never gotten it though. then you grab some of the elixer of the gods, the house salsa. 

here you can see my two tacos, hard shell. crispy, yet still slightly warm chewy. which is crucial for hard tacos IMO. one chicken, one porn. oops, i meant pork. topped with cotija cheese, lettuce, then you can add onions and cilantro if you so desire. i desire. obviously.

trump card. house made lard based flour tortillas? im in. whatever you order, they throw two of these bad boys in your face regardless. after ordering all my mierda i had forgotten out of sheer excitement for tacos they give you these fo FREE. not veggie friendly. sorry allison.

 big ass(small, mind you) beans rice and chorizo. hands down, best ever. i need not go into detail. so i wont. order it. its 3 bucks and honestly i couldnt finish mine. which is a rarity.
and lo and behold. they deliciousness that is las cuatro milpas salsa. typically you can catch a glimpse of chucks of pork fat or bacon floating in what looks like a war-ravaged country side of flavor. its hot, its tasty, and it looks like charlie sheens blood. so you should probably eat it.

everything you see here, including my pepsi, which i only ordered because the Dr Pepper and the Coca Cola werent cold, came out to a mere 7.25. yes. 7.25. tacos as big as your head for 1.50 each, the SMALL chorizo bowl for 3 bucks. and the soda for 1.25. i was stuffed. and delighted. i teared up a little bit. but just so you know, there is no ambiance here. there was actually a pigeon walking around the floor by my feet (indoors) but it took off before i could get a picture. bench seatings to rub elbows with your fellow hombres and chicas calientes. la viva la RAZA, holmes.

Las Cuatro Milpas
1875 Logan Ave
San Diego, 92113

Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Meal, March 27

today was sunday, on sunday we typically do a breakfast type family meal. it was to my surprise upon arrival that ted was preparing french toast. oh yeaaaaa. and cheesy potatoes. complete with chili aioli and all! whats that? crispy bacon too?!? tits bro....tits.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh, hey.

didnt see you there. ok yea, i did. i was just kiddin. but anyway, if youre here reading this, than you must know by this point that my name is travis, and i like food. i like cooking food, i like eating food, i like smelling food. i love food altogether. i am a cook at Market Restaurant + Bar in Del Mar, Ca. been there about 3 years almost. i tend to do alot of research and reading about food online, so i figured hey, its time for me to share what i eat, what i cook. incase anyone actually gives a shit haha. but this is a san diego based blog. so look forward to hearing what a food snob such as myself has to say about the world of food. OUT.