Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review - Hungry Lu's

days and days and days went by that i passed by that random, run down looking sub shop two doors down from lucy's here in OB, and wondered.... "i wonder when thats gonna go under..." and alas. that time came about 4 months ago. and just this past week, its replacement finally opened. Hungry Lu's! its quite the fancy little build out. it looks really nice and clean and what not. its whole deal is that they bake all of their bread in house daily and make lots of fun looking cookies and italian treats in there as well.
now heres my concern with this. this place is FILLED with cookies and pastries and goodies, and yet, i cant imagine this place being SO busy that ALL those goodies will be sold today. or tomorrow. or the day after. so do i think they are baking fresh cookies and shit every day? no. should they? yet. because if youre gonna advertise that you make all this good stuff in house, you might as well do it everyday. well, now that i got that out of the way. onto the good news!

the sandwiches were great! they advertise that everyday they have a 5 dollar sandwich (usually 8 inches) and the past week they have had the torpedo as that deal. jeff got himself one of thems
for 5 bucks, its a helluva deal. it beats the pants off of a subway 5 dollar footlong. i snagged a bite of his sando while he wasnt looking. actually, i just asked if i could have a bite, and he said yes.

now of course for a decent review, i needed to try multiple things. so i got the number 8 sandwich, the Hungry Lu's Special (6.50)
rosemary PORKCHETTA, sweet capocolla, mortadella, havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, pepperoncinis. this was a yummy sandwich. the meats were flavorful and nicely sliced. the lettuce was crisp, the house baked bread was good. it was soft, a little bit of chew to it, which is nice, and i didnt have it toasted, but i get a feeling that it would be a nicely toasted roll.
it was good.

now also i decided to order one of their 8 inch Personal Pizza's (all 5 bucks), i got the OB Special, it had ham, pineapple, mozz, tomatoe sauce, and a sweet and spicy pepper relish.
it was decent. topping wise it was plentiful and it had good flavor, but it wasnt very crispy on the bottom. the crust was actually fairly soggy by the time i got home to eat it (5 minutes) it felt as if it could have baked at a higher temp for a few more minutes to crisp it up a little more. that woulda been nice. but either way, for 5 bucks, its a good lil personal.

i highly recommend check out Hungry Lu's. i know ill be back and ill bring allison cuz i heard their eggplant parm sandwich is on point. check it out!

Hungry Lu's
4920 Voltaire Street
San Diego, CA, 92107

Friday, September 23, 2011

Review - Rubicon Deli


i know, i know, ive been slacking. im sorry. ive been busy. i was working 6 days aweek during track season, and now its restaurant week, im just...busy, ok? but im not dead. and i still like food. i havent had many chances to get out and try anything new too recently, but ill try my best in the neat future!!! work is bound to slow down a lil bit and then ill be able to go enjoy (hopefully) some meals.

and now heres something completely different!

ive always seen other people blog and review rubicon deli in mission beach and it looked awesome to me. and god knows i love me some motherfucking sang-wiches. so on my only day off a few weeks ago everyone else was working so i decided to hop on my bike, and ride from ob to mission to go check out rubicon deli. i hadnt ridden my bike that far in quite some time. it was hard. to put it as jake said "you never forget how to ride a bike, you only forget how fucking tiring it is." perfect. so anyway i got there, and there was a handfull of people inside eating, i got up and ordered my sando. i went with a half of a Rubicon Special (6.25)
turkey breast, smoked gouda, roasted red peppers, pesto mayo, lettuce, your choice of bread. my choice of bread was the blue cheese bread. awesome choice. it was really fucking good. the bread was delish, fresh (and baked in house). the turkey and cheese and peppers and pesto all worked together well, and i also liked that the bleu cheese bread give it a lil more tang as well. i enjoyed the sandwich thoroughly. as i was standing there deciding what to order, i was also looking in the glass case with all the drinks n shit, that also housed some made in house pre packaged salads n shit. i grabbed this one.

i think it was like 5 bucks? but i opened it up and it was jam packed with noodles. so much so that the first couple bites i tried to take, i surely looked like a fucking spaz flinging noodles across the joint with my stupid plastic fork that acted as a spring loaded noodle launcher. but i digress. what i noticed in the noodle salad were perfect brunois (tiny dice) bell peppers and green onions. now that made me smile and made me feel like they actually put some thought and love and hand work into this little packaged noodle salad. and it tasted really good. crisp, fresh, tangy, peanut-y. it was good. and huge. the fucking noodles were like a magician pulling napkins out of his sleeve. i wasnt able to finish it and my whole sando. had i not been on my bike with no sort of bag or basket or any noodle holding recepticle, i would have surely taken it home for allison.

over all, i was very pleased with my visit, and look forward to coming back and trying everything else. i guess they have a cafe opening soon in mission hills? i overheard mission hills while i was there eating...

The Rubicon Deli
3819 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, CA, 92109