Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review - Azucar

Azucar is a Cuban style Patiserrie in the heart of O.B. its been open for just about 3 years now i believe. i remember being stoked when they opened because there really isnt much for pastries in ocean beach, and god knows i hate leaving the bubble when i dont have to. so when you add in the prospect of a cuban kick to everything, im even more enticed. now ive been coming here once every few months since they opened, and the food hasnt changed, its still delicious. i typically get the same thing every time i go, but not all at once haha. i pick and choose between the same 5 things, so that i dont feel like a fucking fat ass. but today i had to get everything, for the sake of the blog. im doing this for you, the reader! anywho, onto the food.
this little ball of yum is one of their famous Pastelito de Carne. little meat pie, if you will. for a believe a buck fiddy you can sink your teeth into the lil fucker and open up a pouch of sweet, sweet, meat. the meat itself isnt sweet, the meat is actually deliciously spiced ground beef, but the top of the pastry itself if brushed with a nice sugary glaze before being baked. mmm.
next is the Pastel de Queso y Guava. a cream cheese and guava paste - pastry. this thing is like a toaster strudel on crack. they have other various pastry of this sort, but the cream cheese and guava paste is other worldly.
this one that i had was actually not stuffed to the brim like they usually are, but i digress. still tasty.
keeping with the guava and cream cheese trend, they have multiple different panini sandwiches, and my favorite is the Havana - Roasted Turkey, Guava Paste, Cream Cheese. grilled to perfection, this combination is like the cuban equivalent of a post thanksgiving left over sandwich. amazing. they give you a choice of a green salad of fried plantain chips. i always get the chips, which on this visit, were slightly stale, i was a little bummed. but good nonetheless, served with a side of mojo sauce, which is filled with garlicky glory. after this i decided to try one of the mini desserts they have in the display, they cinco leches cake.
i brought this home to share with allison tonight, but that didnt change the awesome flavor of it. its their take on the classic tres leches cake. its an almond financier cake soaked with 5 different milks topped with a dulce de leche glaze and candied almonds. it was rich, but very good. i was happy with it.

now as i said earlier that the food hasnt changes in 3 years, there is something i noticed today. i really feel that the upkeep of the store front is really taking a toll. the tables were all pretty dirty, the floor was covered in crumbs, the white drapes on the wall were becoming stained at the bottoms. it was just kind of a bummer seeing that they arent putting much pride in the appearance of the shop. i know its OB and its supposed to be rugged and dirty, but come on. have some pride. keep your shit tight. be proud of what you do in all senses of it. at the end of the day you are supposed to be impressing people, make that happen, or live your life being content with mediocrity.

with that being said, i wont stop coming here. its delicious. and i highly recommend it. check it out!

4820 Newport Avenue
San Diego, CA, 92107

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