Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review - El Zarape

(foreword, this is a review of the El Zarape Taco Shop on Park Blvd, not the sit down restaurant on Adams Ave.)

a few years ago, i asked our pastry chef at Market, James Foran, when he likes to get tacos, he replied with El Zarape. i went there a few weeks later, and now, anytime someone wants my opinion on where to get tacos, i tell them El Zarape. simple put, its amazing mexican food, super cheap, and just all around a good place. they have a HUGE menu, and ive tried maybe 5% of it so far haha. first off, there is a huge discrepancy about where you can get the best fish tacos in san diego. i would say that El Zarape's fish taco is really a top contender. not only is it awesomely simple, but its only 99 cents. all the time.
its perfect. cabbage, sour cream, fried fish, tomatoes. done. and with the plethora of salsas they have there, its amazing. next thing i got, which is what i was origionally reccomended, was the scallop burrito.
the tortillas they use are super soft, the bay scallops are cooked to perfection, and its also super simple, a mayo based sauce, cilantro, rice and lettuce. its amazing.
so good.
now next, allison, my wonderful veggie girlfriend had to get her usual veggie burrito supreme. its essentially a taco bell 7 layer burrito on crack. its really fucking good.
all the veggie fixins, stuffed to the brim. delish.
the fire roasted red sauce is awesome with a nice spicy kick. the green sauce is cool and mellow but my personal favorite. and then the salsa fresca is a step above all usual taco shop salsas.

i HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend El Zarape. its fucking awesome. check it out, im begging you.

El Zarape
4642 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92116

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