Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review - Supannee House of Thai

so. we like thai food. allison LOVES thai food. i enjoy it but its not my top choice of asian food. but i really was stoked to check out this fairly new thai place in point loma, Supannee, which had been getting rave reviews on yelp. all the good reviews claimed that the service was top notch and the food was delicious. needless to say, people seemed to really enjoy this place. so after a few weeks of working 6 days aweek and not being able to go out to eat somewhere, we made it a point yesterday to get over there. located over on shelter island, its located in a small little center, and when you see it, you realize its a tiny little hole in the wall place. i think there was 6 tables inside? oh and a table out front. so we walked in, and sat down at a two top, there was two tables of four, and a table of two, all already eating. the lunch menu is much much smaller than the dinner menu, but with the prices, and the size of the dishes, it was sure to be enjoyable to a certain degree, at least. working the small room was one lady and an older gentleman as well. she came to take our orders, and it seemed as if he was just running plates and clearing tables. to drink i decided on a glass of the Lemongrass Iced Tea (2.00)
neon green and cold, she offered a pot of simple syrup, which i accepted. i like my tea to be sweet. so i really liked the idea of getting simple syrup to mix in, because i hate having to dissolve sugar packets into my iced beverage. the simple syrup had been steeped with somesort of spice as well, i felt like it was clove. either way, this was tasty. very herbal, refreshing. i enjoyed it very much so. as far as food, allison ordered (per usual) the Tofu Pad Thai (6.00).
all lunch entrees come with a side of jasmine rice (except noodle dishes), small salad, and an egg roll. her pad thai was delicious. id say that if i were to ever go back(which may not happen. wait n see.) i may order that myself. it has medium spice, the noodles were cooked perfectly, it was just a really tasty dish. and it was plentiful!

now im always having trouble decided what i want. so i got two entrees. first was the one i knew i wanted, because ive never had it, and its a specialty thing i guess. so i ordered the Green Papaya Salad (7.00)
also delicious. the shredded papaya with cabbage and tomatoes and the delishhhh fish sauce mixture that dressed it out. it was fucking bomb. i was stoked on it. only thing that was off to me was that there was only two little shrimp on it. the picture may not show that the shrimp are that small. but they were tiny. hook it up with the scrimps, yo. then for my other dish i ordered the Hot Basil Pork (7.50)
first off, for 7.50, its a helluva lot of food. and the fact that everything tasted good and was cooked correctly, just made things seem to good to be true. we ate our food, and then when we were CLEARLY done eating. things went south. real fast. two other tables were waiting to be cleared, and one was waiting for their food that was piling up in the window. so you would think that this is when the TWO people working the SMALL 7 TABLE DINING ROOM would just mac shit out. not so much. the lady decided to sit down at a table and talk to this androginous old (wo)man about every single thing on the menu. now runner man was all by his lonesome, fumbling around with checks, trying to read the register, and apparently forgetting about the food being pushed through the window. only until a few plates of egg rolls came crashing down at least. that should make her jump up from her nice little quaint chat and come to superdoof's rescue, right? nay. he just stared at the egg rolls for a minute before deciding to run the food. then he came to the table next to us, who were trying to order dessert, and then brought them their check 2 minutes later. i decided against ordering dessert at that point. so he had to void their shit, and bring them their dessert. our empty plates sat on the table for a good 20 minutes. finally she finished up her chat and realized that shes running a FUCKING RESTAURANT. cleared our plates, dropped our check, and then i bid them a-fucking-dieu. i cant believe the amount of praise the service has gotten on yelp. and the i remember, 9 times out of 10, people on yelp have no fucking clue what theyre talking about. so. i liked the food. and the prices. ill probably phone in an order at some point, but if i want to sit in a small room with strangers and not get payed any attention, maybe ill stop in for a sit down meal.

Supannee House of Thai
2907 Shelter Island Drive, Suite #110
San Diego, CA, 92106

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  1. I always take Yelp reviews with a grain of salt. People seem to be picky about weird things on there! Bad service really has a way of ruining a good food experience. At least there's always take-out.