Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun Stuff - Chino Farms

its no secret to any of you, that i work at (world famous) Market Restaurant + Bar in Del Mar. i cook there. i like it alot. i learn so much every day and work with people who are proud of what they do and want to be the best. in order to be the best, you must serve the best food possible. so we are lucky that not only are we situated right down the road from the ACTUALLY World Famous Chino Farms, but that our restaurant and my chef have worked up quite a nice relationship with them. we order vegetables from the everynight, via fax, and pick them up at their vegetable stand the following morning.

 only a few restaurants in town are lucky enough to do so. the public is welcome to come shop at the stand 6 days a week, but we get the pick of the litter. with that said, i must explain that basically ANYTHING you purchase from Chino, is delicious. the grow the freshest, in season vegetables, and quite often fruits.

 Chino Farms has famously worked with Alice Waters of Chez Pannise, and basically the entire slow food movement, and has received her praise and business for 40 plus years.
whether its beans, peas, peppers or strawberries, you can tell that alot of hard work and care goes into each and every crop that graces their heavenly soil.
i can personally say that im very excited that melons are just around the corner. the yellow watermelon is to DIE for. so if youve got a couple extra hours and a couple extra dollars, skip trader joes and make a nice little field trip up to rancho santa fe and grab your self some fresh picked veggies. you wont be disappointed.

Chino Farms
6123 Calzada del Bosque
Rancho Santa Fe, Ca, 92067

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