Monday, June 6, 2011

Review - Lucky Seafood

oh banh mi. how i love thee. lets me count the ways. well, actually im not gonna count the ways...theres too many and i dont think my bandwidth would allow it. that shit would be 404'd so quick. but anyway, i love banh mi. it is honestly, probably my favorite food. i dont think ive ever been able to actually decide on a favorite food, but i have now. after eating all around SD trying to find the best banh mi, and not actually making a decisions until ive tried places more than once, i think im ready to call out Lucky Seafood as my favorite. im not saying its the BEST, im just saying its MY favorite.

for those of you uninformed as to what banh mi IS, banh mi is a vietnamese sandwich that is composed on a toasted french baguette, filled with (typically) pickled carrots and daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeno, pate, mayonaise, and various meats. the meats most often used are steamed or grilled pork, pork belly, head cheese, ham, vietnamese sausage, and chicken. ok, now that we know what it is, time for the review.

Lucky Seafood is in a strip mall up on mira mesa and black mountain road, its an awesome little asian supermarket as it is. its got lots of sweet ass shit. sauces, treats, drinks, lots of yum. but inside they have a deli area that has lots of awesome food, sweet and sour this, steamed that, bun this, roll that. all of which im sure is good because it smells and looks awesome, but ive only sampled the banh mi fare here.
they have only 4 or 5 options of sandwich, but if you buy two bbq bahn mi, you get a third sandwich free. so today i got two of those plus a steamed meatball sando, also a dr pepper. grand total of 7.48! they are big sandwiches too, stuffed to the brim. the beauty is that these are actually toasted, not microwaved like lots of other joints. they put a decent amount of yummy pate on their sandwiches which is heaven. my companion jeff rolled with me today and has never had a vietnamese sando before, and needless to say, he was pretty sketched out by the idea. but i told him dude, bbq pork? all you need in life.
as you can see, stuffed to the brim. pate was on point. pork was flavorful and not chewy. texture was great. it was just a melt in your mouth meal. i was so stoked. then finally, jeff was ready for a couple bites. he said, ill try a bite or two. but that turned into this
fucking macking on it SO HARD. he was shocked. he said it was delicious. he said i was right. i know, jefferey, i know. so yes, my friends. mosey on over to lucky seafood and inside you will find heaven in a baguette! get on it!

Lucky Seafood
9326 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, Ca, 92126

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