Monday, June 27, 2011

Late Night Eats - Jack in the Box

i have a relationship with jBo. its a love/hate relationship, but a relationship regardless. we go through our ups and downs just like every relationship does. but i always end up going back to that dirty little slut. i love the food, i just dont love what it does to my body. i always feel like suck a happy person while im eating it, then feel so, so, so very sad when i feel 20 pounds heavier AFTER eating it. but regardless. i love it dearly. i feel JBo is the reigning king of fast food establishments. its the dirk nowitski of burgers, always working hard to please, slightly off-putting, yet gets the job done with class. i maybe hit up jack once a week, usually less, like every other week. my typical order consists of medium curly fries, a jacks spicy chicken sandwich with cheese, and a jumbo jack with cheese. but i was feeling a little off last night. i noticed the return of the Really Big Chicken Sandwich, and i had to go for it.
two fried chicken patties, tomato, bacon, cheese, lettuce, bun. all i needed. hit that bitch with some hot sauce, and we are good to fucking go. delish. love it. i wish this was a staple on the menu, but it comes and goes. also with my order i did something i usually dont do.
i got tacos. two tacos for 99 cents. well. if you can consider them tacos....i particularly dont feel that they are. they are yumtown, nonetheless. greasy/crispy shell with a slice of american cheese, lettuce, and some sort of beef stuff. i dont question it, i just eat it. and love it. but no JBo trip would be complete without the obvious reason they are still in business...
the curly fries. they are perfect. with the buttermilk ranch, you have the winning combination. its heavenly. ive eaten curly fries from every single fast food place, and let me tell you this, friends, no one else does it right. amazing. i love them. like the son i never had. or, the son i will have someday, or something, i dont know. either way. ill be back, jack. soon.

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