Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Work Stuffs - Tuesday, June 14th

ah family meal. one of my favorite parts of the day. not to say the cooking isnt the best, but i love eating even more than i love cooking. so when we have a lunch everyday at work, and its being cooked by one of the people i work with, or sometimes myself, its most likely going to be enjoyable, because we are all professionals and we know what we are doing. different days of the week determine what kind of family we will be having. one of the plus sides of working sundays is that we tend to do brunch type ordeals. someone usually stops on their way in and gets donuts, we make eggs and potatoes and just sorta relax for a few minutes before we get to prepping after a busy saturday. its nice. i went in this past sunday planning a making family meal, and i did. it wasnt anything special really, eggs, home fries, steak, cheese, chili aioli, the usual deal.

banged out some quick home fried potatoes with some peppers and onions, then cleaned up some tenderloin chains, scrambled some eggs, threw it all in a hotel pan, covered it with cheese.
melted the cheese, and piled on some chili aioli and some green onion-cilantro. yum. nothing special, nothing suprising and new, but i enjoyed it, and hopefully everyone else did. now remember i mentioned that someone usually brings in donuts? no one did on this peticular day. but while i was cooking brunch ted asked me how far out i was because he was timing something up. hmm..ok. little did i know
tell me thats not the right way to start a sunday afternoon?

anyway. last week someone donated some tips to the kitchen and john decided instead of splitting it to everyone so we could all get like 6 bucks or something insignificant, he would buy us lunch the next day from world famous Phil's BBQ. ive never had phils BBQ so i was pretty excited when i came out of the kitchen to see this
fresh buns, bbq sauce, potato salad, cole slaw, and the pulled pork that i have heard oh so much about. man. i am still burping up smoke flavor. not to say it was the worst thing ive ever eaten, but i honestly cant believe that Phils BBQ is actually open, let alone POPULAR?! it literally tasted like an ash tray. the buns were dry. the cole slaw was bland and not exciting at all. and the potato salad was just that, potatoes. no seasoning, no flavor, nothing. oh, a little bit of celery seed, but thats about it. it was a pretty big let down i gotta say. ive never desired to try and fight the crowds to go try Phils, and now i know that even if there is no line out front, i still wont even try to go in there. tough break. it was great of john to pick it up and bring it in, but 100 double cheeseburgers woulda done a whole lot better hahaha. if per chance youre reading this, john, thanks, really. anyway, carry on and keep eating!


  1. I don't find Phil's to be that amazing either. I like their beef ribs and their huge onion rings but I don't like the sauce they use either - its too sour for my tastes. Those donuts look good!

  2. Hey mary thanks for the comments, I'm glad to see some feedback and participation.