Wednesday, August 17, 2011

O.B. Torpedo Tastings

i love me some sandwiches, obviously. torpedoes are a top 5 for sure of all different kinds. now there is a decent amount of places in O.B. that makes these sandwiches, and here is a lil post about some of them! first up is Chris's Liquor. People tend to hail Chris's as the best deli in O.B., some say its the best in san diego. its not my top choice, but its a 5 minute walk and it is pretty good. my favorite part about Chris's is that on tuesdays, between 4:20 and 5 oclock, you can buy any of their sando's for $4.20. so i grabbed a torpedo last time i was there.
it was good. the bread was slightly stale and little bit too chewy for my liking. it was tasty nonetheless. and at 4.20 you really cant beat that for Boars Head meats in a sando. the lettuce was a little wilted so i feel like it was cut the day before sore something, but it was a good sandwich.

then about a week later allison and i were hungry for dinner, wanted something simple, and didnt wanna stray far from home, so we went with our usual Poma's stop. now i havent done a Poma's Meatball Sub post yet...YET. i will. because i firmly believe its the best meatball sub ive ever had. the eggplant parm sandwich is killer as well. allison OBVIOUSLY gets that one. i have heard nothing but good things about the pizza there, yet havent been able to make a trip where i could avoid ordering a sandwich. so i forced myself to get a torpedo here since i had the idea for this blog post.
now i asked that they toast it, which is why it looks a little greasy. the oils and fats in the meats and cheeses kinda gave it that glisten. it was a really good sandwich. at i think 6.50 its a huge one and when it comes on an amoroso roll, you can be upset either way. it was a really good sando.

now my first choice of delis when it comes to OB, is of course the Olive Tree Market. the store and wine shop itself is amazing and the deli is even better. i typically go for the hot sandiwhces here (the james dean on an onion roll is my main shit), but i had to roll with the torpedo to round out the holy trinity of OB delis. now when i ordered it, they informed me they were out of the italian roll that it comes on, but the chick said she usually gets it on ciabatta when she eats it herself, so i said do it. she toasted the ciabatta, and it gave me a few minutes to cruise the store, make my difficult chip choice, then peruse the coolers for which delicious drink i would wash it down with (i went with sour cream and onion kettle chips and a berry yerba mate.)
now i really feel like this was the FRESHEST of the group. the meats and cheeses had been very recently slices, and none of the vegetables seemed old whatsoever. the toasted ciabatta was a good choice and honestly, if i get the torpedo here again i will probably request it as such. this was was also about 7 bucks i believe. AND it comes with a pickle!

so my judgment is this, the best torpedo is O.B. issssss.....

.....Olive Tree Market. they were all good sando's, but something about the Olive Tree one just clicked for me. so get out there and grind on some grub.

Chris's Liquor and Deli
2275 Sunset Cliffs
San diego, 92107

Poma's Italian Delicatessen
1846 Bacon Street
San Diego, CA, 92107

Olive Tree Market
4805 Narragansett Street
San Diego, CA, 92107

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