Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review - Pho Point Loma and Grill

so as you could see from my post about the OB noodle house, i love me some Pho. and as you can tell from my post about Lucky Seafood, i love banh mi. so when i want to sink my teeth into both at the same time, i swing by Pho Point Loma. about a block south west of Rosecrans on Midway, its nestled in between an o'reileys auto parts and a framing shop. i stopped in there probably about 10 months ago to check it out and was very happy with my experience, so i decided i would definatly come back. i have been back a few times since and have had a good meal each time. they have a huge menu, lots of variety, and its very inexpensive. the service is great, its super fast and friendly. now what i have to say about the banh mi is that they are really making stuff back there. they marinade and bbq their own pork,  instead of microwaving premade shit like most places. and all of the ingredients in the sandwich are fresh and copius. at 3.95 per sandwich, its more expensive than most banh mi shops, but worth it.

as you can see in the above picture, the slices of bbq pork are think and delicious. not chewy at all. very tender.
my broth on my pho was delish as always, the meatballs and well done steak were flavorful as always. it was just a yummy bowl of pho. at 5.95 it is a great value.
allisons veggie and tofu egg noodles. cheap and LOTS of them. it was a huge plate of noodles. i actually forgot to try it haha. i kinda had my hands full. for my beverage, i ordered the lemon iced tea, and what was nice is that i see them brewing the tea in the back, and i actually looked over and saw one of the ladies squeezing the lemon for my drink. it was delish.
so yea, i have not had a bad experience here yet on 5 visits. so i would def. reccomend it. its not mind blowingly special, but its good food, great prices, and the service is fast and attentive. check it out!

Pho Point Loma And Grill
2788 Midway Drive
San Diego, Ca, 92110

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