Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bay Area Review: Zachary's Chicago Style Pizza

Finally the other Travis is coming though with a Bay Area food review. Zachary's Chicago Style Pizza is located in the heart of Rockridge in Oakland. This is my third visit and well I must say if your into the chicago style pizza this place is definitley for you. I enjoy Chicago Style, but I seem to mostly consume thinner crusted pizza's, more east coast style than anything. I got the Large Deep Dish Style Zachary's Special, which consists of: Sausage, Green pepper, Onion, and Mushroom. This feeds roughly 4-5 (depending on appetite) and runs for $22.75, not bad considering the amount of pizza you get.

Now the way they constuct their pizza was kinda odd to me at first because they kind of do it backwards. Toppings on bottom Sauce on top. Whatever still delicious. If you have frequent bouts with heart burn or acid reflux i'd come readily equiped with ant-acid, because there's alot of tomato sauce, and depending on what pizza you get peppers jalapenos and all the fun volatile ingredients that make up a heart stopping pizza. Now this pizza should not be eaten by hand until the pizza has had time to cool down and set or else your in for a surprise of burning your face off and ruining your clothes.. could really fuck a first date.. so I suggest taking a fork and knife to the first couple slices.

Like i said before there's a lot of sauce.. and I was kinda weary at first, but its super delicious and deffinitley works. It has fresh tomato diced up in the cooked down sauce leaving for a very pleasant contrast. The toppings were evenly distributed making for a very pleasant eat. The crust was perfect, I personally am picky about the crust on pizzas, and felt that the crust was not only delicious, but it didn't leave you with a stick of flavorless pizza crust to chew on in case your that hungry. Finishing every slice in it's entirety was quite delish.

The ambiance is a typical popular neighborhood pizza joint, crowded and sorta noisy, but so what your there for pizza.. tons of beautiful girls. Something that did surprise me was there was not a television in sight which i felt impartial to at first (esp. considering giants were playing the A's, Sharks playoffs etc.), but in the end it breaks us away from our american habits of texting and televisions and promotes a little bit of conversation. Not a bad thing. Also people watching here is ace. I ended up eating way more than I should of.. but that just kinda goes without saying with anything that's this delicious. I will definitley be frequenting Zachary's more often.

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