Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bay Area Review - 900 Grayson (Berkeley)

so the only reason i could only eat one sandwich at C.R.E.A.M. is because we were so stuffed from lunch and hour earlier at 900 Grayson, also in berkeley. the night before, while chatting over our yummy meal at Oakland's Plum Restaurant (that review is next, its gonna be a doozie!), moms was all like, ayo, i know what we are having for lunch tomorrow. and they she gave brother the eye, and he gave dad the eye, and they all just happened to know what it was. the Demon Lover. whats that? - i said. chicken and waffles? im in. ok, so time travel 14 hours into the future and here we are, walking down grayson, past the private french school, and into the old-victorian-cottage-turned-indoor-outdoor-breakfast-lunch-eatery. fwew. that was a mouthful. but fitting, because so is the demon lover. lets get straight to it.
Demon Lover 12.0
Spicy Buttermilk Fried Fulton Valley Chicken Paillard,
Buttermilk Waffle & Old-Fashioned Cream Gravy or Vermont Maple Syrup
2.0 Extra for both

yea, i copy-pasted from the website, so what? im on vacation... but this bad mother fucker was yum central. we all opted for the gravy, since thats what they said to do, i wanted both gravy and syrup, but an extra two bucks for both? nawwww. shit was on point. the chicken was crispy and still juicy. not dried out at all. the waffle was lil crunchy on the outside, yet soft, like a set of satin sheets for the chicken and gravy to get nasty on. and that they did! i think im the only person that finished mine. oh well! next!
shoestring onions (4 bucks) were good. thin, crispy, yet kinda greasy, which was kinda nice, in a i love greasy onion stuff way. they came with copious amounts of chili aioli sides. which for those of you who are stupid and dont eat chili aioli, is sriracha, mayo, and lemon juice. its universally good. pizza, fries, burgers, sandos, fried shit, spring rolls, you name it. its the new black. those were good. between the 5 of us, we damn near polished off two orders. order them. now this
booooooooooooooooooo!!!!! booooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! chickpea burger, sounds good, allison should eat that since shes a veggie. booooooooo!!! this thing sucks all kind of balls. the patty, which im not sure whether it was made in house, is flavorless, textureless, and down right insulting. the toppings were stupid, it made no sense. as if the last thing they put on the menu was this burger and they were tired because they spent all day working on the menu and were just like, lets just put A and B on here, then throw on some C and D. ok, we're done! lets call it a night. carrot slaw? yea right, they fucking hit raw carrots on the cheese grater and threw them  on there without a care in the world. pickled red onions. im ok with pickled stuff, mainly because pickled stuff tends to have some sort of flavor. these just tasted like straight white distilled vinegar. get the fuck out of here. yogurt cucumber sauce? yea right. more like they opened a tub of yogurt, didnt stir it up at all, scraped the curds off the top, and threw is some cucumber scrap. we thought it was goat cheese honestly. so this whole thing was a bomb. A BOMB, not THE BOMB. get that straight. but i digress.

go here with meat eaters. not recommended to veggies unless they like flavorless bullshit. the chicken and waffles are killer and the shoestring onions are a good starter. check it out.

900 Grayson
(yea, you guessed it) 900 Grayson Street
Berkeley, Ca, 94710

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