Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bay Area Review - Homeroom Mac 'n Cheese

whats that you say??? a restaurant that serves only macaroni and cheese?!?!? im into it. so today after some wine tasting out in livermore, we headed back into oakland over on 40th street and hit up homeroom mac n cheese. between the five of us we basically got to taste the majority of the mac menu. my order was the Trailer Mac (8.50) that is an homage to old school white trash macaroni and cheese:
classic cheddar sauce with diced niman ranch hot dogs, and crushed potato chips on top. it was awesome. the macaroni was cooked perfectly on all of our dishes, F.Y.I. Allison ordered the Exchange Student(7.50)
sharp pecorino and cracked black pepper. as someone who enjoys alot of black pepper on mac n cheese, this was very favorable. it was really good. and simple. brother ordered the Mexican Mac(8.50)
niman ranch chorizo, chipotle peppers, jack cheese, cilantro, and a wedge of lime made this hot pot of gooey latin mac lip lickingly good! pops got the Mac the Goat(8.50)
rich and tangy chevre and sharp goat cheddar, sliced green onion and crispy panko. this one was the most mild of the bunch, but man was it smooth. very rich, yet it seemed very light on the other hand. it was awesome. and then finally, moms ordered, what was unanimously voted by the table, the Bacon Egg and Cheese(10 bucks)
extra sharp cheddar, niman ranch bacon, toasted breadcrumbs and an up egg. i cant tell you why, but this was the most satisfying of the group. mixing the egg in there with the salty chunks of bacon and the tender cooked mac, it was like an out of control breakfast melt. it was fuckin tasty. hands down the number one winner. i would order that one for myself next time. 

to drink, they make limeade in-house and make arnold palmers with it.
very refreshing. we all had one. for the most part. so anyway, i really suggest checkin this place out, we went in around 3 oclock to we missed the lunch crowd, but i heard it can get pretty busy, so id say check out an off hour. we also had a slice of carrot cake and a homemade Oreo cookie. both were tasty. check it out yo!!!

HomeRoom Mac 'n Cheese
400 40th street
Oakland, CA, 94609

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