Thursday, May 5, 2011

Travis Likes Beer.

so heres a new little segment im gonna throw at you every now and then. Travis Likes Beer! its true, i do like beer. and am constantly trying new ones, and also usually drinking my obligatory bud lights. but this post isnt about bud light, nor shall it ever be! this post will bring you a few HOPPY brews. check it

First up is my Favorite beer at the moment. its been my fav since i tried it last january, and no others have taken the spot yet. it is from the Ommegang Brewery in New York, and it is their Belgian Style Hennepin Ale. i feel this is one of the most flavorful and well rounded beers ive ever had. its citrus-y, not too hoppy, a little bit tangy, and somewhat sweet. if it were slightly more orange tasting, it would be girly, but its not. so its a good man beer. ive drank this one while eating multiple different kinds of food, bbq, pizza, sandwiches, and it goes well with everything ive had so far. it was like an epiphany the first time i had it. i remember it like it was yesterday. it was at Newport Pizza. on draft. it was on special that day, i got a slice of pepperoni pizza and a pint of that. i let elliott have a sip because i wasnt sure that it was real because it tasted so good. but anyway. its about 8% ABV. and a 22oz bottle runs about 10 bucks. any liquor stores that have a decent craft beer selection should have it.

on to the next one. since we are talking about belgian style ales, heres another one.
Pranqster Belgian Style Golden Ale, from North Coast Brewing, in Fort Bragg, CA. this is so far the closest tasting ive found to my the hennepin up there. its definatly less hoppy and less fruity, but its got a waaay more floral nose. it smells amazing. i enjoyed it very much so. its about 7.6% ABV i believe.

on to our last beer for the night, you've all seen it, some of you may have had it before. its expensive, but it is damn tasty
Chimay (red) brewed by belgian monks in a Trappist Monestary. no shit? its a 7% ABV and it is a very full, dark brown, buttery brew. its a little too brown for my likings, but hey, its beer, and it tasted good. i only had it once a few months ago, so i dont remember too much. all i remember is that id previously had Chimay White label and i enjoyed it more than the red.

ok, that wraps it up. i probably didnt inform you of too much new informations, but at least you killed some time and now have a couple beers recommended to you. Cheers!

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