Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review - Tiny's Tavern

i like booze. i like food. i like going to bars that have both. luckily the closest bar to me in walking proximity is Tiny's Tavern, in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, USA, The Planet Earth. Tiny's tavern is owned and operated by i small happy looking hawaiian man named, of course, Tiny. not sure on the back story of how or when he came here and opened his bar, but i am glad that it is here now. the bar itself serves only beer and wine, but has a small kitchen attatched to it that has a fairly large menu, including may hawaiian treats! theres an outdoor patio with many tvs and a foosball table, and inside there is 3 pool tables a shuffleboard table and a few coin operated golf games, you know the kind...there is a rack to hang your hat and everyones got a smile on their face, and 90% of the time if you stop in you will see tiny sitting at the bar himself drinking and socializing. BUT...this is a food blog afterall, and this will be about the food. ive eaten quite a few times but only snapped a few pics the last time i was there. they have lots of different kinds of sliders, burgers, sandies, fried apps, and standard mexican fare, as well as a hawaiian specialty area. i have had their original sliders, the veggie sliders, and the BBQ kalua pig sliders. they have all been pretty tasty and are quite filling. on this latest semi-buzzed not really hungry but food sounds soooooo good adventure, i over ordered thinking my companion jeff would help me eat, but he did not. so i stuffed my fat ass with this. i ordered the kalua pig burrito (7.95):
which features black beans, spnish rice, pico de gallo, white tomatillo sauce, lettuce, mixed cheese, and pulled pork. it was big. really big. and it was stuffed full of fixins, which is always a good thing. the kalua pig had really good flavor and was just slighty salty, which i kinda fancied, personally. it ate pretty good and everything in there appeared to be fairly fresh.
and then on a whim i also wanted somethin crunchy and cheesy to mack on so i also ordered the Philly Cheese Nachos (7.95):
which were pretty awesome. i love cheese sauce. its a weak point. its my kryptonite. put nacho cheese sauce on anything and ill eat it. except for penis. i dont want to eat penis. but these nachos had cheese sauce, grilled skirt steak, and roasted bell peppers and onions. it was like a nacho version of a philly cheese steak. what a lucky coincidence for them! unless they planned that. which im assuming they did...

...yea. so that what i ate there last time. their happy hour is all day monday and 2-7 all other days of the week. 6 dollar domestic pitchers so thats sweet. i regular this place, so if you say "hey travis, wanna go to tinys?" i will most likely say yes.

check it out!

Tiny's Tavern
4745 Voltare Street
San Diego, CA, 92107

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