Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bay Area Review - C.R.E.A.M. (Berkeley)


im in the bay trick. on vacation, meaning i get to try a bunch of sweet ass stuff that i normally wouldnt in san diego. so yesterday we were moseying around telegraph on the berk side down by the campus (ucb campus, that is), and on the corner of telegraph and channing, what was boarded up around 3 years ago and i remember speciafically it being advertised as a cereal store, now stands C.R.E.A.M. Cookies Rule Everything Around Me. no joke, people. it is and artisan cookie-ice cream sandwich store. they make all their cookies in house, and use delicious double rainbow ice cream. they also have plenty of vegan options, which is apparently somewhat necassary these day, at least in berkeley. for two bucks you can get one large scoop of any flavor with two big ol cookies. you can also order just ice cream, or just cookies. brownies and fruit bars also have their own spot on the menu. i ordered
Matcha Green Tea ice cream with two Butter Sugar Cookies. the green tea ice cream was smooth and sweet and the butter cookies were fresh out of the oven. no more than 20 minutes at the most. they were still gooey in the middle. delisshhhhhhhhhh. i wanted another one. moms got this
Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with Vegan Snickerdoodle cookies. her cookies werent warm due to the fact that the vegan cookies and brownies and stuff sit in a display case since they are obviously less popular. they were still good cookies though. so yea, this is just a small entry, but theres plenty more to come. so sit tight, and try not to get raptured!!!

2399 Telegraph ave.
Berkeley, CA, 94704

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