Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review - Chamarro Grill

so on my only day off this week i obviously wanted to get out and try something new, so i set off on yelp, per usual, and did a lil wandering around pages until i found something i was remotely interested, and was fairly decently reviewed. im all for trying places regardless of the reviews, but since it was my only day off, i decided id rather not be completely let down. so i stumbled upon this little place over on mission gorge in mission valley, claiming to be Island BBQ. emphasizing the "island" part due to the fact that the menu is Guamanian, Phillipino, and Hawaiian. so i set forth in search of Chamarro Grill! it wasnt hard to i guess that was pretty sweet. i had already decided on my choices by the time i had left the house due to the online menu on their website, but im indecisive so i could have changed my mind at any point. i didnt.... walking into the place, its in a little strip mall with other random sorts of places in it. the decor is very...well...island, i suppose. like, flip flops hanging from the walls and shit. oh, and a map of guam. when i walked in, the 4 tables of people there eating were all P.I.'s so i figured i was in the right place. eat where the people eat, i always say. so when i approached the counter, i ordered myself and order of Span Musubi(3.50)
essentially it was nigiri sushi, but with spam. and they give you the option of red or white rice. i chose red. they came out hot, and wrapped in plastic wrap. i rather enjoyed them, mainly because i fucking love spam. but also the red rice had good flavor, and was cooked nicely. my only gripe about this appetizer is that the rice to spam ratio wasnt very good. it was like having a cheeseburger that it all bun and no burg.
see what i mean? anyway, they were good and they have lots of other kinds of musubi as well. for another appetizer i ordered the order of 5 lumpia (3.25)
i ate one before i took a picture. oops. but these lumpia really surprised me. they were obviously made in house, which is usually a plus. they were fried very crispy, but not greasy, which as a fry cook, i can tell you is really hard for alot of places to accomplish. the filling was beef, mainly, some peas, and maybe carrots? but it tasted good. plus, dipping it in sweet chili sauce is always money. i enjoyed the lumpia very much so. now as for my entree, yelp was blowing up about the Chicken Kelaguen. i dont know what that is. but hm. guess ill go with it. i ordered the Chicken kelaguen Bowl (6.50)
i got about 3 bites into this and was about to go up to the counter and say "excuse me....this chicken cold!" and demand a new one....but then i was like, wait...i dont know shit about this dish, i should google it. i did, and lucky for me...i found out this dish is supposed to be eaten cold, or room temp. boy my face would have been red. so what is it? it is a chicken (or often times beef or shrimp) dish that is marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, fresh coconut juice, salt, scallions and red hot chilis. oh, ok. cool. so i ate it. the bowl entree came with a huge helping of the red rice i was talking about earlier. it was good. now while i was eating, i had a can of dr pepper to wash everything down with, but as i was half way through, i realized my can was empty. sad face! but then i looked up to the counter and saw this
pineapple water!!! fuck yea. i guess im on a tear of going places that like to flavor their water. the pineapple water was delicious. it tasted like cold water...with pineapple!!!! whoda thunk it? but yea. thats free, so its chill. overall i enjoyed my meal, and i will definatly be back to try other things. they had a specials chalk board with abunch of random things on it. they also have a shitload of like short ribs and stuff that looked pretty tasty, so ill want to check that out. oh and everything is very moderately priced, so thats good. check it out!

Chamarro Grill
6628 Mission Gorge Rd.
San Diego, Ca, 92120

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