Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Work Stuffs - Thursday, April 21.

soooooo im off today. but im still gonna drop a few work tidbits on yall bitch asses. i made family meal last thursday i think and i felt like havin philly cheese. so i was all like "A-YO! we havin philly cheese yo!" and made philly cheese. simple as that. it wasnt the greatest cheesesteak ever, but it didnt suck. and that is what i aim for. not sucking. heres a few pics.

not too shabby. and then i was asked to work the amuse bouche at some point last week, and i had really wanted to do some sort of chorizo goat cheese tart for a while (ted thought it was a bad idea). but chef was ok with the idea so we played around with it and came up with this:
its a puff pastry charlottan, goat cheese gelee, tomato jam, stone mustard aioli, artisanal chorizo. BOOM! delish.

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