Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review - Tommy's Tex Mex

oh wow, another taco shop review?!!?!?!LOLZ OMGZ ROLFCOPTORZ!!!1!!1 i like mexican food, okay? it wont be the last one i write about either. anywho. ok, so living in OB for almost 3 years now, i would have thought to have tried this place before. its cheap, fresh, and within walking distance. so why did it take this long?! probably because they close at like 8 or 9 or something really early. possibly. POINT BEING, here i was, allison in tow, ready to nosh out of some of their famous (or so ive heard) flour tortillas. made with 100% vegetable oil, as they proudly proclaim. which is cool, if i want my fatty lard ass tortillas ill head down to las cuatro milpas. but i alread did their post, so nevermind that. its a very small place over by the dominoes on voltare, about a half a block up from the cat lounge. so ive always seen it, but never bothered. we get in there and ther was 3 people waiting for their food, one guy cooking and one guy working the register. theres a few tables out front and a few squeezed inside the little hole in the wall. i ordered the cali burrito, as i usually do, and allison ordered herself...wait for it...a veggie burrito! who'da thunk it?! i got a glass bottle mexican coke and she had a bottled water, i think my burrito was about 6 bucks and hers around 5.
our food took about ten minutes, which is fine, mainly due to the fact that they arent just hashing shit out. everything is cooked to order, fresh, and seemingly well put together. the only bad thing was that in those ten minutes i fought the urge to down my whole coke before my burrito even was dropped. i was able to salvage half of it.
heres what my cali looked like on the inside. gooey, meaty, cheesy, tasty. they tortillas they make in house every day are soft, toasted nicely on the grill, yet fairly think. which i cant say is a bad things. they have a little bite to them, which is nice. like a nice al dente pasta dish. the carne asada was very flavorful and everything in it was seasoned well. it has potatoes, peppers, cheese, guac, cheddar cheese and i believe a thicker salsa in there. it was tasty, i really enjoyed it. but. it was big. haha.
 that is the remaining burrito that i couldnt finish. so i pulled it open so i could get a picture of how full of goodness it actually was. it was like a pinata of burrito stuffings. flowing to the brim. not greasy either! nicely done. allisons veggie burrito, which looked like this:
was the vegetarian equivalent of my burrito. jam packed with all the fixins. guac, cheese, rice, beans, sour cream, more cheese, lettuce. and it all tasted good. she got mad at me becase the two bites i took of hers were filled with guacamole. thats her favorite part apparently. but then i was all like "shut up, i payed for it, ho!" and shit was tight. so anyway, being a salsa/hot sauce freak, i was happy with the options they have at their self serve salsa bar.
top left was a fairly sweet pepper sauce, which was really nice. top right, the really red one was your general red sauce, but it was nicely balance with heat and flavor. the bottom left was their version of pico de gallo. it was fresh, mild, and refreshing. then of course bottom left, was my favorite. it was essentially cilantro jalapeno water. it was super thin, super green, and super awesome fun time! i poured that shit all over my burrito and it was delish. i love cilantro so i was pretty stoked on that one. i could probably had drank that if i hadnt of rationed off the rest of my sugary mexican coke. but oh well. it was good.

i suggest you stop by this place, the menu it extensive and everything is very nicely priced. and by nicely priced i mean cheap as balls. they also sell their house made flour tortillas in singles, or in batches of dozens. they also make them in different flavors, i believe they had sun dried tomato, jalapeno, and one other flavor, i dont recall. so check it out! get out there and try some new shit folks.

Tommy's Tex Mex
4145 Voltare Street
San Diego, Ca, 92107

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