Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review - Alexi's Greek Cafe

Allison hates me. she was having a bad day as it was so she wasnt too pleased when i told her i tried out a new greek place while she was working. but its ok. not the first, probably wont be the last time, sorry babe. but onto the food. im a huge Gyro fan. i love greek food altogether, but Gyro is my SHIT! so im always on the lookout for the good stuff. yelped this place, seemed fairly positive. plus it was cheap, so i says saddle up(to myself, of course) and hit the road for the long hillcrest. i found a parking spot on 6th right in front of Hong Kong Chinese (which will warrant its own post, next time i dine there at 3 in the morning). the meter still had 58 minutes on it which was tight. headed over on foot to alexi's. the small place located directly across the street from buffalo exchange on 5th between robinson and university.  walked into a fairly busy place. sat down at a table for one. the one man show was workin the room, takin orders droppin menus runnin food. he somehow asked me twice in a 2 minute period if i was ready to order although avidly attending to at least 20 other diners. the prices for everything at lunch is peaked at 8 bucks. i opted for the lunch special of a Gyros sandwich, fries (or salad), and a medium (refillable) soda. for 5.75. good price! but i also wanted an app. so i ordered the Saganaki, or, Flaming Cheese.

it looked like this.

but only after he brought it to my table on a gnarly little sizzle plate with a lighter and some sort of alcohol and quickly set the room on fi-yah. well, just the cheese, but the 2 feet of flame from my one person table in the corner made everyone in the joint stop and stare for a few seconds. then after exstinguished, i macked on that shit with some warm pita and tzatiki. it wasnt the most delish cheese ive ever had, but it was tasy, and for 4 somethin, it was worth the show and the melty cheese.

my main lunch came right after that.
yes. that is tapatio. i need to pause here for a little flashback. my long days of culinary school. waking up at 5 am to be in the kitchen at 630. and then usually not heading home till far after 8 in the evening. and some days heading straight to work for an 8 hour shift. they were long days. i loved it, but it was long, and long usually equals to rough. but one of the bright shining memories or DVC culinary school, was walking across the street from campus at lunch breaks and mowing down some nosh from Flora's Gyros.  Flora himself loved us culinary students, so he would hook us up big time. slappa the bass. BIG TIME. and for 2 and a half years of gyro grubbage in the time of my life, i was topping my gyros, with tapatio. i love that shit. i will DRINK tapatio. so it damn near brought a tear to my eye when i was sittin there with this gyro, and these fries, and this dr. pepper. and i asked for some hot sauce and BAM! tap. hit it!
i gotta admit. 5.75? cheap. therefore leaving me to be satisfied with just mediocre food. but this godamn gyro was FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC. it was crammed to the brim with meat (the hillcrest special...Hi-Yooooo *rimshot), flavor, juicy, tapatio enhanced meat. the tzatiki was creme de le creme. the fries were fried to perfection, seasoned well. and my dr pepper never seemed to get past half full. (it was a half full kinda day). i ate my food. i smiled. i payed. i let. to return very soon. got a sweet lil pic on the way out of the meat spinner.

so if youre in the hood, stop by, if not, make a day of it. theres plenty of shit to do and see even on that one block. so if youre feelin fabulous, just opa your way in the front door at Alexi's. and stuff your face with meat. or vegetable based food. which is also delicious and stuff. now i owe allison a lil lunch. maybe youll see us there this saturday afternoon. and i coerce her into loving me again with the smell of falafel.

Alexi's Greek Cafe
3863 5th Ave (between Robinson and University)
San Diego, CA 92103

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