Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review - Dirty BIrds

ok. so. i hate PB. mainly because its filled with douche bags that wear nothing but tap out shirts trying to pick fights, and stupid drunk sluts that wear ugly dresses. but, i feel it is ok to venture out there every now and then during the daylight hours, if im in the mood for something different. and slightly douchey. so imagine how surprised i was to discover the seemingly douche-free chicken wing spot, Dirty Birds. it was about 3:45 last Wednesday, i had already spent 2 hours reading yelp trying to decide what i wanted to eat for lunch, then write a blog about...and i decided i wanted wings. dirty birds was at the top of the list, so i bit the bullet, threw on my flyest Ed Hardy hat, my tightest abercrombie jeans, and my sickest brightly colored polo (collar; popped, OBVIOUSLY!) and headed out to the Peebs. Located on mission blvd about 6 blocks north of garnet, there was ample parking right across the street. tight. i bro swagged my way down the block, attempting to look "chill". it worked. walked right in, there was about 6 people in there total at the time, 3 couples all enjoying the sunshine, beer, and chicken wings that they desired. so i was all like, aight, lets do this. sat down at a table by myself, the dude from behind the bar strolled over, layed down the specials and whatnot, happy hour, half priced wings. every day! word.

 i ordered a pint of shock top, reasonably priced at 3 bucks, i think? i made my way down the menu checkin out all the sandwich items and burgers and whatnot, all reasonably priced and if done right re probably decent fare. flipped the menu over to reveal this:
so many options!!!! i dig it! after about 5 minutes of trying to decide, my poor tummy was all like, ayo, i need some food. so i had to order. it was happy hour, like i said earlier, so all wings are half price. i decided to get 3 different flavors of 5 wings each. all flavors and marked by a number (1-5) noting how spicy they are. 5 being the hottest of course. i decided id start with the Dirty Blue (3). blue cheese mixed with their specialty hot sauce.
for my second choices i went with the Maple Chipotle BBQ (4).

whats not to like about that? maple? yum. chipotle? yum. bbq? yum. im in. and then thirdly i ordered what i really came here for.....
the Habanero wings (5). i love spicy. i put hot sauce on damn near everything i eat. so i def. didnt think these busters would make me drop a bead of sweat.





i think my first mistake was tossing one of those right in my mouth the second they hit them table. they were obviously fresh out of the fryer. they burned. so not only did my mouth hurt from the temperature, the spice had no mercy. they were spicy. really spicy. the sauce is like molten hot lava running down your throat. its like napalm clinging to the corners of your lips like the tops of many a vietnamese trees! the shock top didnt help. i felt like a little bitch asking for a large glass of ice water. but oh well. thats what i guess for being cocky, right? besides my nuclear meltdown, they had good flavor. as did the other two flavors. what didnt make things better is that even though they were Maple Chipotle BBQ, they were also a level 4 in heat, so they were much milder. very full in flavor though.i will order a bunch of those ones next time as well. they were my fav.
the Dirty Blue wings were tasty as well. but ill pass on them next time. plus there is so many other flavors to try. so i cant stick with the same thing everytime.
there were a few wounded soldiers left on that battlefield for sure. ill pass on the haba's next time as well.  touche D.B.'s. touche. overall i walked out full of good sized chicken wings and beer and water(pussy!) with 16 dollars less in my pocket than i had before, and a smile on my face. so thats all that really matters. ill recommend it for sure. mainly if you wanna go grab some cheap wings and beers with some friends during happy hour. check it out, youll enjoy it. all wait staff was friendly and each order of wings came with a side of ranch and the traditional carrots and celery. parking should be easy to find and there is plenty of seating. now i kinda have another reason to maybe go to PB every now and then. maybe.

Dirty Bird's
4656 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92109

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