Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taco Shop Tastings

i love tacos. burritos. quesadillas. obviously. so im always eating them. but i gotta try new places and check shit out. so heres a couple places ive done.

first off is my usual spot cuz its right down the block from my house. its Roberto's. everyone has a Roberto's near where they live, cuz its all over the place. its fairly decent. prices are good, and honestly it just gets the job done. usually i tend to go with a California Burrito, and a cheese quesadilla. i typically like their cali burrs because they use crispy shoestring potatoes, which is key IMO. i like the crunch it adds, soggy potaoes in a cali can ruin ones buzz. but on this night i decided to get a number 4, or 5 or 6, i dont remember what number it was but whatever. it was a chicken taco, chicken burrito, rice and beans. the taco was good,  the shell was crispy, not stale. he chicken was moist in both burrito and taco, flavored fairly well, toppings on both were generous. the rice and beans were run-of-the-mill. but what are ya gonna do?
overall after my large horchata, i think it was like 7 bucks, which is chill. i will always go to robertos because its right there, its fast, its cheap, and it gets the job done!

Roberto's Taco Shop
4770 Voltaire St.
San Diego, 92107

NEXT! i wanted something different, so i decided to give another shot at Adalberto's in point loma on rosecrans. i went there probably 3 years ago because all the Nazbo's said it was the place to go. that they have the best cali burritos. i checked it out, it wasnt good. when i ate it then the main problem i had with it was that there was far too much tortilla. hopefully that was just a fluke. i hadnt been since that time, so i figured 3 years later, maybe they dont have 12 foot tortillas for an 8 inch burrito.

WRONG!.......WRONG WRONG WRONG. see all that tortilla bunched up on the top left corner of the burrito? that amount of tortilla follows the burr allllllll the way down. chewy, dry, gross. what else was wrong? oh...just these soggy french fries. which pissed me off more than usual due to the fact that it is advertised as having "home fries" in it. which i interperated as diced crispy potatoes, ya know, home fries? seems they mean its more like when someone who doesnt know how to make crispy french fries, makes them at home. soggy, and stupid. its a pity that these two strikes were such big ones because the other fillings had good flavor and the carne asade was nice. oh well. tough break nigga, theres always FUBU. well that wasnt my only order. i also got a carnitas taco. it looked like this:
looks like a taco bell taco that got chewed up by a rabid corgi, huh? well it sure tasted like it. i could really taste the corgi in this one was greasy, lukewarm, and bland. so much so on the grease-front that as i tried to take a picture with it, the grease from the wrapper made me drop my it was taking the picture.
D'OH! anywho. allison was all like "get me a potato taco, bitch!" and i was all like, please dont yell at me. so i got her a 'tater taco. it wasnt anything to write home about either. lukewarm, soggy pot's. get out of here!
possibly the only high point of the meal was that they actually have free chips and salsa. a rarity these days that i can appreciate.

 oh well. maybe ill try again in another 3 years. or when i need new sheets for my bed ill go pick up a few 'tillers. heres the 411 if you actually care to try.

Adalberto's Taco Shop
1868 Rosecranse st.
San Diego, 92106

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