Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tale Of Two Travis'

This ugly Fuck is Named Travis. He Worked at Market Del Mar with me for just around a year. we called him vince, since thats his last name (the j is silent). he moved on and headed north to the Bay Area. he works in Oakland and he likes food. he sent me an email today saying "hey, i really like your blog trav and i would give anything to contribute to it, i mean, youre so good and stuff and i dont think ill be as good of a blogger as you, but i want to try because you make it look so glorious!"

....well. maybe it didnt say that exactly. POINT BEING, he did have a good point, we are both named travis. and the blog is called "Travis Likes Food". so who am i to say someone else named travis cant contribute?!? hes gonna be your eye in the sky up north and be the in the field reporter of all things YAY AREA food related. i trust him to do a good job. i like the idea that alllllll my bay area counterparts will be able to read this blog now and be able to go out and check out places they saw on here. so heres to a new adventure. dont fuck this up vincej.

oh yea, and technically he hasnt even accepted the invite to be an author yet, i just assmed he would considering he asked me to do it. so this all may change. HA!


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