Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Work Stuffs - Wednesday, April 6th.

howdy friends, heres some random crap for ya to look at and hopefully make you hungry. i made family meal today. i wasnt sure what to make, so i figured pasta. ok, pasta, with what, mmm...cheese sauce. mac n cheese. but lets step it up. make a bechamel based cheese sauce, spice it up with some andoullie sausage, throw some fried chicken strips on top. garnish with ketchup. its like big person mac n cheese! "hot dog" slices and all. delish. oh, and theres a garde manger salad. it was underseasoned.

johnnie broke down a big ass yellowtail. it was sick. i really wanted to eat the collar. but that always gets saved for arch, one of our bar regulars. lucky dog.

and then completely unwork related. i had some in n out the other night. 4x4 animal style and some animal fries. kick ass!

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