Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review - Giorgino's Deli

so since you saw my attempt at Cheesesteaks a few posts back, i was on a mission yesterday to find the bomb ass steaks in SD. ive been to Gaglione Bro's a few times, they are good, but i wanted to try somethin else. so after a decent amount of yelpin' i fist pumped my way up to Golden Hill, by way of the scenic route through downtown-north park-south park (i wasnt lost, shut the fuck up!), and found myself (finally) at Giorgino's on 28th. its a tight little place. small, but with probably 6 tables inside and a few tables out front in the sunshine, i walked in, no one there. stepped up and said "yo, lemme git that!" referring to the Philly Cheese Combo (8.97) which includes a regular philly (meaning just meat, onions, and cheese), a canned soda, and you choice of; fries, cole slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, pasta salad, and WAIT....heres the kicker....a soft pretzel. YES! like i said! lemme git that! i love having the option of a big hot soft pretzel as my side dish. its awesome! so heres the thing. good yelp reviews, boars head meat, Amoroso rolls (the best, if ya dont know, now ya know, wigga). it all sounds too good. lets peep game, homie.
10 inches long. soft, yet toasty, smellin good, and piping hot. lets get it. just a note. let yours cool off for a few minutes. i literally have no skin on the roof of my mouth due to the huge blister that this baby caused. but GOD DAMNIT IT WAS WORTH IT! killer sandwich. it was seasoned correctly, it was tender, flavorful, gooey. it was an awesome sando. i only ate half at the time though because i had to make room for:
the Pork Roll. apparently this is a Jersey thing. ive never seen it before but godamnit was it tasty. the offocial synopsis is this: "Pork Roll, or Taylor Ham, Grilled Pork with American Cheese on a Kaiser Roll." oh yea. oh yea. oh yea. get in my mouth. this bitch was basically an upgraded version of one of my homestyle fav's, the grilled SPAMwich. this thick cut ham had the same texture, but 1000% times more flavor of spam. with the soft roll and the melty cheese, it was a winner. also only ate half of this one. because i had to eat at least half of my
ok, no its just the one pretzel, but it was soft, hot, salty, and came with like, a half cup of plain mustard. just the way it should be. ate half. finished off my dr. pepper*, they wrapped up all my halves, and i bid them adieu. only to meet with them in the near future. for sure. all of this food cost my about 15 bucks, but it was two meals for me since i microwaved all my left overs a few hours later and stuffed myself to the brim for the second time that day. and it ate just as well as the first time. so this is definatly a 2 thumbs up type deal. i highly recommend it my friends. go! do it! what are you waiting for???

Giorgino's Deli
1237 28th St (between A and B)
San Diego, 92102

*Dr. Pepper Not Pictured

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